Buying an investment property in London has always generally been a safe bet and will undoubtedly continue to be.

As the capital of the UK and a major world city, property in London is always going to be in demand. However, London's residential property market is still open to the mercy of the residential property market in the rest of the UK, meaning if there was a nationwide slump, London would be affected too.


Having said that, if you can buy an investment property in London at the right price there's money to be made in buy to lets because monthly rental fees are so high in the city. Note the key here is buying at the right price!

The best investments in London though have to be in commercial property. As you'll read on my Commercial page, investment property in London is being snapped up by many foreign investors who are seeing the long-term potential here. So why shouldn't you do the same?

And what about the Olympics?

London 2012 can provide some really excellent opportunities for investing. The whole of east London is going to find itself in the spotlight, for more reasons than one. Major re-development is taking place here and all property values in the area are going to see a rise as we get closer and closer to 2012.

If you can buy an investment property in London, around the focus of all the re-development, you're sure to be onto a winner whether it's commercial or residential, because as the infrastructure around here improves so will prices.

Whether you decide to invest for the Olympics or not, London is still a great place for investment property. Why not join up with some like-minded people and become a property developer?

Read my Property Developer page to find out how this works and you could be building an investment property in London!

If you need help and advice regarding investment property in London, please do Contact Me and I'll answer your questions! 

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